Operation Military Embrace, Inc.

“Sharing the Cost of Freedom”
OME supports our wounded military and their families at San Antonio Military Medical Center (SAMMC) and other military private facilities by:
– Providing financial assistance in their time of crisis
– Providing one-on-one support and comfort through personal regular visits to SAMMC
– Hosting outings and dinners for outpatients and their families
– Filling individual private requests of injured personnel
– Sponsoring a regular breakfast and a “free PX” in honor of our wounded outpatients and their families at SAMMC
In December of 2011, San Jacinto Baptist Church was given the opportunity to support our wounded military and their families at SAMMC through OME. We took approximately 15 teenage guys and 8 adults to support this event.  It was an amazing opportunity for both the adults and the teenagers to serve our wounded soldiers and their family members! We unloaded donated items and set them up in the “free PX” area. Then, we helped distribute these items during the event as well as interacted with the soldiers. It really impacted the lives of both the teenagers and adults to hear so many stories about what our soldiers had been through! When the event was over, we helped clean up.
The next year (2012), we opened up the opportunity to both teenage girls and guys. We took 19 teenagers plus 11 adults. The leader of our Prayer Blanket Ministry (Melissa Harrison) worked hard with her team to make and send approximately 50 prayer blankets with us to San Antonio. We distributed these blankets to the soldiers and their families.
Last year (2013), we took 25 teenagers as well as 13 adults. Over 100 blankets were made for us to donate and distribute to the soldiers. Every year has been amazing!
OME was formed by Jerry Reed, Debbie Reed, and Brenda Kaiser. Please go to their website (http://www.operationmilitaryembrace.com) to learn more about this organization.
If you’d like to get involved in this ministry, please contact Kim Council at kim.a.council@sbcglobal.net!
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